Electronics and Stress From Electromagnetic Fields

As I was preparing to write my article about electromagnetic fields and the effects that it has on us in our everyday lives, I realized that everyone is exposed to EMFs in their daily lives, unless they live in a very remote area and are only surrounded by nature. We are literally surrounded by electromagnetic fields from the power lines that bring electric to our homes and work places, to our vehicles, phones, electronic toys and computers and for some people their medical equipment. We cannot escape it, unless we choose to live in a remote area.While researching the effects of electromagnetic fields, the information that I found was backed up by many studies. One of the studies comes from the National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). In some work places or in areas where there is the presence of power lines, electromagnetic field exposure can be 10,000 times greater than the average. Studies have determined that there are correlations between various diseases and living near high voltage power lines or working and living where such EMF’s are present. In some studies where people have been exposed to average and above average exposure to electromagnetic fields the following diseases have been associated, childhood leukemia, adult leukemia, clinical depression, miscarriage, neurodegenerative diseases such as amyotrohic lateral sclerosis.As we continue to increase our use of technology there have been concerns about the effects it has on the human biofield and a person’s general health. A strong biofield can help nourish and support bodily functions, as well as help individuals deal with stress. With our body rhythms being bombarded by manmade unnatural electromagnet fields, our bodies natural healing and coping mechanisms can be compromised. According to the US National Institute of Health (NIH) the biofield is an ensemble or matrix of different energies that extend outward from each person’s body.Clarus Transphase Scientific, Inc. has developed products that help to provide the body with a range of electronic frequencies that help support and optimize its own energies, thereby helping the individual achieve higher states of well-being and performance in a variety of ways. The positive effects are more energy, less stress, greater focus, more stamina and improved well-being. Q-Link SRT products range from pendants, bracelets and USB products.I have been wearing a QLink SRT-3 pendant for one and a half years and have consistently experienced these effects and more. My family all wear the QLink pendants and we are grateful for the benefits that we have received. The benefit I especially am grateful for is less stress. I am a person who does not like change and there is so much going on from weather, world issues, finances and everyday life challenges. The other benefits are more energy, greater focus, more stamina and improved well-being. In the past when I was very stressed and overwhelmed it was extremely difficult for me to function and get things accomplished. The reason that I write about this product is that it is an invaluable tool that can help people with stress relief and achieving greater balance in their lives without the use of medications, which come with expense and negative side effects.

8 Ways to Recycle Or Dispose of Television and Electrical Goods Safely For the Environment

We are all conscious of the environment and both the corporate and personal responsibilities for its ongoing protection. With most western countries in the middle / completion of a transition from analogue to digital TV, plus the new 3D revolution, the proper management and disposal of legacy TV’s is a timely topic.So what options are available?Personal Recycling(1) Can you re-use that TV within the family? Second bedroom? Study? Den? Can you take in to the holiday home or shack? How about a relative? An older aunt or uncle who wouldn’t mind a bigger TV? Although not perfect, disposing of a smaller unit instead of a large one is still an improvement!(2) How about at work? Ask around, people may be interested, specially if you are willing to give it away. Whilst you might not like it for a second bedroom a colleague might. Know any young people starting out renting or buying a new home that could use it? Friends? Guys a the gym?(3) Be inventive and creative. Don’t be frightened to ask around, a simple “Does any know someone who might like a TV?” will always get interest!Community(4) There are always options to donate to charity. Some organisations don’t except electronic goods but some do. Use the internet or phone book to ring and ask.(5) If you are part of a religious community ask its leaders. How about the local community school, aged care facility, sports club, community center or shelter? Manufacturer Take-Back Programs(6) A number of manufacturers offer tack-back and recycling programs under a Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) mandate. Some examples include;Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, LG, NEC and eBayDon’t see the brand you need? Give them a call! And don’t forget a number of major retailers also offer their own programs so contact them as well!Recycling Institutions / Organisations(7) If you are still stuck there are a number of organisations who can provide information, advise or even the location and contact of recyclers or those who can dispose of electronics safely, including;Earth911
The Electronic Industries Alliance
The Environmental Protection Agency
e-Stewards.org(8) And remember you can always call your local councilman, mayor, state or federal representative!