Unique Children’s Clothing: The Trends of Today

There is a difference between fashion trends among adults and among children. For adults, fashion trends are sometimes a short-lived craze over an item such as designer jeans or something of the same sort but for the kids, a fashion trend usually means finding unique children’s clothing that follows a more general trend. Now let us look at some of the recent trends for unique children’s clothing.Personalized clothes and accessoriesWhat best way to represent unique children’s clothing than personalized items such as clothes and accessories. In the past, monogrammed shirts and sweaters were a big hit but as of today, a bold initial is the trend. Fashion people call it the “letter sweater”, and it has become the ultimate in unique children’s clothing. Some clothing shops manufacture on an order basis while some stock them in variety of initials. For accessories on the other hand, you have winter hats, scarves, and mittens with their initials as well.You can still go for monogram as well, while considering the item you want it on and its use. Monogramming produces a classic look so it may be more appropriate on a dress shirt or blouse rather than a backpack or some other accessories. You can also have iron-appliqués to have that unique children’s clothing. Just remember not to overdo the initials and monograms on every item your child has, moderation is still the key. Use one trendy and unique children’s clothing at a time.Outer wearLasting trends for outer wear are the “lumberjack” look, which is a two-tone buffalo plaid, the “snowboarder” look which is of nylon jackets with a longer tail in back and the classic “pea coat”.For warmer climates, it is best to go for shirt-jackets made out of cotton flannel and when winter comes, wool or polyester fleece jacket would do. All these have become part of the unique children’s clothing collection that you might want to have your little one to have in his or her closet. Word of advice: Look for unique children’s clothing in classic combinations of colors like red and black, navy and black, and orange and dark brown, because you can never go wrong in them.The snowboarding-inspired jackets may cost a bit much but they have properties such as its breathability and water-repellency. These items you can find in outdoors outfitter to prepare for the winter season. The pea coats on the other hand have been a favorite for many years. They may not seem as though they are unique children’s clothing but they come in a dazzling variety of fabrics and colors so you can easily mix and match. You can use wool pea coats when you dress your kids up for fancier occasions as well.FootwearAn outfit isn’t complete without the footwear. UGGs has been an all-time favorite because of its distinctive look that comes in a wide array of shades and styles that you can match with even the most unique children’s clothing. They are comfortable, durable and very easy to pull on and off that is why parents love them for the kids. They can survive being handed down a lot of times so you are sure to get your money’s worth. For gender specific footwear, you have “mary janes” for girls and “hiking boots” as a great addition to the boys’ wardrobe.

Cheap Baby Gift Ideas – Baby Clothes and Nursery Furniture

The baby shower is one of the most spectacular days of the expectant mom. Aside from having fun and catching up with friends, another thing that makes mom really happy is receiving lots of baby shower gifts. Generally speaking, guests tend to give the most basic essentials for babies as baby shower gifts, which are very ideal. However these gifts, if taken lightly, could really have someone break a bank. So to avoid that, one must think practical, but the quality of the gifts shouldn’t get sacrificed .Baby clothes and nursery furniture are a few that often given during baby showers. These are really great gifts, but sometimes, you can hardly find ones that will fit to your limited budget. So, here are some ideas if you really opt to give cheap baby clothes or nursery furniture as a baby shower gift.Tips for Cheap Baby Clothes* Consider to shop at yard sales. Yard sales are great places where to find and shop baby clothes and other baby accessories that still have store tags on, at bargain prices.* Consider seasonal sales for baby clothes. It you really want to shop inexpensive clothes for babies, start shopping at the end of the season.* Consider making your own baby clothes. With your skill and ability to sew, you can proudly present a very cute personalized baby outfit to the mom-to-be, with her baby’s name or initials on it. This is definitely a thoughtful gift that doesn’t cost a fortune.* Consider other moms who have lots of baby items kept unused. Many new moms receives plenty of baby clothes during their baby shower, so see if they want to sell those for a lower price. Actually, there are lots of moms who would gladly sell unused baby items which they can no longer return to the store where items were bought.Tips for Cheap Nursery Furniture* Consider used baby furniture. Actually, you can still find used baby furniture that doesn’t look like beat up. If you happen to find this kind of furniture, well you have gotten a great deal of baby shower gift! Although many people don’t like this idea, but a small and normal damage from wear and tear isn’t a thing that a good refurnishing and re-polishing can’t fix.* When you can find it, purchase a real wood furniture for the baby. Simple, inexpensive wooden baby furniture is usually easy to re-enhance to look good as new. It can be self-painted with great colors and decorated with whatever décor you would like to add.* Consider re-covering used bay furniture. Reupholstering is actually not that difficult as many people thought. If you don’t have any idea on how to do it, there are plenty of sources that will instruct you on how to reupholster a used furniture. You can find simple tools and instructions on the Internet, so better browse early.Online shopping is perhaps the perfect suggestion when shopping cheap baby shower gifts. There, you can find lots of online specialty stores that usually offer different baby items with prices that much cheaper than items you will be paying for when you shop at local stores. Online personalized baby gifts, which are also a cheap suggestion come in a wide variety of choices, from personalized newborn clothing, toys, baby dishes, gift baskets to nursery furniture.